Mereta’s Story

I just recently moved…to a bigger house, because we have too much stuff, we now have an extra living room, an extra bedroom, an extra dining space and two extra bathrooms. I thought the extra space would simplify my life, but instead it has made it just the opposite, chaotic. My mind was going in the direction of, I need another couch for the extra room, and I need another table for the eat-in kitchen and yes finally, no more fighting over the bathroom. But after living here, my house is a mess because my husband and I work full time and between the kids, supper, family worship and bed-time rituals we have no time to take care of the house, we have higher cost in utilities and all this equals stress. I didn’t even get through the introduction when I realized that simplifying means removing not adding to. And then I got the urge to leave work and get rid of my extra stuff (and then some). But don’t just read the intro, the book is too good to stop there. I never knew what minimalism was, but by minimizing your stuff and freeing up time and energy you can live life to the maximum. Lorilee has a simple and refreshing approach to minimalism and an easy to follow writing style. I was very privileged to get to read this book, it spoke to me and helped me realize that I minimalism is more than just about my belonging but also about ME.

I don’t know who I am. I don’t know who I am. It’s a scary thought, but I am being honest. I never realized it. When I introduce myself to others, this is what I say: “I’m Mereta, mom and wife,” sure that is a part of what defines me. But I have yet to discover who I AM and what my passion is. I would have never even realized this if I hadn’t read The Simple Living Handbook by Lorilee (Lippincott). This book has helped me look outside the box that society has placed us in, in which the walls are made up of: wanting, needing, buying and having. And it helped me realize that I AM NOT the person my things and society make me out to be, I AM MORE, but I still have yet to figure out whom that is. This book is NOT a self-help book, it IS a self-realization book. I am on a new journey, my closet is almost my ideal closet, but I have a long way to go and in the mean time I will definitely need to keep praying the Serenity Prayer because I definitely need a lot of courage and God’s strength to break out of the box and be ME.

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