Discover The Joy of a De-Cluttered Life

How one family beat the rat race by stepping off the track, and how you can, too.

Where did all this stuff come from? I don’t have time for a life. I need to get away!

Ever feel this way? Society is quick to fill our minds and homes with all the latest gadgets, tools, obligations, and entertainment, but what happens when it all doesn’t fit? The Simple Living Handbook is a how-to memoir about creating a life that has space for what really matters to you.

Lorilee’s road to simplicity started in the fall of 2010 when she was on the verge of a breakdown. Her life was basically “normal”—husband, two kids, comfortable home, three home businesses—but she felt like she was running a rat race. She was desperate for more time and space to focus on family, health, and her own interests. So she and her husband decided to cut back on clutter—drastically. Now the family of four lives in a one-bedroom apartment with only the possessions they actually need and use; they stick to a simple diet of only whole foods “that God would recognize”; and they have managed to become productive without feeling busy. They’ve never been happier or healthier.

Through personal stories, advice, and tips, Lorilee teaches how to make the hard decisions necessary to simplify your home and your schedule. Beyond that, she addresses the hidden emotional hoarding that threatens to keep our souls running in circles. Through her inspiring story, readers will learn to take a step back, reassess priorities, and commit to making space for those people and things that really matter.

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Note: This title was previously released as 321 Stop – stop running and start living.  

“From the moment I sat down to read The Simple Living Handbook I was hooked. Literally, from page one I was already imagining what my home and life could look like if I took control of the “stuff.”  I was so inspired to hop up and start going through closets and yet I was glued to my seat wanting to read more. I was torn! While “minimalism” isn’t for everyone, I think anyone can learn a lot about themselves from reading The Simple Living Handbook.  I appreciated the positive approach that came with each step in simplifying. The book was clear and concise, direct but not judgmental, and I appreciated the focus on changing yourself first then leading by example. If you are looking for a great guide to simplifying your life or need a jump start to help clear out the clutter then The Simple Living Handbook is for you! ” –  Jessy